About the Contributor: Gertrude Hii

Gertrude HiiGertrude Hii is a certified nursing assistant who works for Catalina In-Home Services in Tucson, Arizona, providing home care. As a young woman in Malaysia, she entered the Order of Carmelite DisCalced, a contemplative order of nuns, straight after high school and stayed for 11 years, when she came to the United States for the man who became her husband. She became a professional caregiver after he passed away in 2011. A member of the Arizona Direct Care Worker Association and the Direct Care Alliance, Gertrude attended a Voices Institute training in Arizona. "What helps me immensely in my work as caregiver is my 11 years training as a contemplative nun," she says. "It taught me compassion, empathy, love, and patience. I am what I am today mainly due to it. It is a badge I wear proudly."

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