NDWA Welcomes Former DCA Network, Asks for Our Input

The National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA) just sent out the announcement below to let people know about its acquisition of DCA and to ask former DCA members and allies if they want to keep fighting for direct care worker rights, starting with minimum wage and overtime pay for home care workers. Please take NDWA’s very short (three-question) survey. They really want to hear from you!


We are delighted to announce that the members and allies of Direct Care Alliance (DCA) found a new home at the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA) this month, when we finalized an acquisition agreement.

By joining forces, we will make sure the voices of direct care workers are too loud to be ignored.

As you know, direct care is one of the fastest-growing job sectors in the U.S., and home care is the fastest-growing sector of all. The growing demand for these services makes our need to improve these undervalued jobs that much more urgent.

For the sake of millions of direct care workers and the tens of millions of people they assist, we need to improve and stabilize these jobs.

Homecare workers, CNAs, personal care assistants, direct support professionals and all other frontline workers must get fair pay and benefits, the support and working conditions they need to provide high-quality care, and the respect they deserve for doing this important work.

In over a decade as the national advocacy voice of direct care workers, DCA was in the forefront of defining the challenges facing direct care workers and fighting for needed change, and its seasoned advocates will continue that fight in their new home. The thousands of people in DCA’s network include direct care workers from all settings, both home and community-based and institutional.

If you are part of the DCA network, NDWA invites you to tell us what you think about this new partnership and take a short poll on the NDWA website.

By welcoming these new allies, NDWA continues to expand its reach beyond home care into issues affecting direct care workers in nursing homes, group homes, assisted living and other settings. Meanwhile, the strong movement we are building across the domestic sector is finding common cause between homecare workers and nannies, housekeepers, and others whose workplace is someone else’s home. With member organizations in 26 cities and 18 states, we are growing almost as fast as the direct care workforce.

With the help of our new members and allies, we will make visible the professional care work that keeps our nation’s children, elders and people with disabilities healthy and safe while enabling their family members to keep their own jobs. Supporting the independence of seniors and people with disabilities is dignified work and it deserves dignified pay.

At the top of our agenda is ending the shameful exclusion of homecare workers from the right to minimum wage and overtime pay. After being denied those rights for 75 years, homecare workers won a major victory in 2013—with the help of NDWA, DCA and a coalition of ally organization—when a rule was changed to extend minimum wage and overtime protections to homecare workers.

But a federal judge recently overturned that rule, so we need to take up the fight again to make sure it is reinstated. We hope that you join us in ensuring that homecare workers and the people they care for can be treated with dignity and respect.

So please keep an eye out for future NDWA emails for news about how you can help win this fight.

Because we know we can win, as long as we keep working together.

Ai-jen Poo
Tracy Dudzinski
Director, NDWA
Former Board Chair, DCA

P.S. We’re excited about growing our movement and would love to hear from you! Our short poll takes only a few moments to complete. Let us know what you think about about our new partnership!