The Last Word

Dear Friends:

When we closed our doors this June, we maintained a virtual office for three months while some of us looked for a new home for our members and supporters. We are now closing those virtual doors as well. As of tomorrow—October 28, 2014—DCA will no longer exist as a legal entity.

That means you won’t be hearing from us any more on this blog or on our social media, but we hope you will join our Board Chair Tracy Dudzinski and other workers who were part of DCA on their new Facebook page, DCA Workers United.

We may have one last piece of good news for you later on. Our executive committee has identified a group that may be able to provide a home for our members, our allies, and some of our programs. So if you get an email in a few weeks that mentions Direct Care Alliance in the subject line, please be sure to read it.

In the meantime, we’ll all keep looking for ways to advocate for better respect, wages, benefits, training, and working conditions for direct care workers, and we know you will too.

The DCA board