Direct Care Workers in the News

The people that take care of me deserve a living wage,” says home care recipient Kyle Auxier.

How well a home care worker is treated has depended entirely on the employer. Now, that’s finally changing.

Award-winning home health aide Joe Quinn on how home care workers go above and beyond for their clients.

Nearly three-quarters of direct care workers are forced to rush through basic care for the elderly and disabled, survey finds.

Ai-jen Poo on why it is essential that we pay home care workers enough to support their families

IHSS home care workers in California are demanding higher wages and healthcare benefits.

Paulette Miller, who just completed her CNA training at age 70, says “I really thought I was too old to keep all these things in my head, but it’s amazing when you do it.”

Home care workers on why they joined the Home Care Fight for $15 campaign.

For once in my life, I can say I love my job,” says Hammonton, Florida Home Health Aide Hero of the Year Gina Derby.

CNA Phoebe Vajen on her profession, which she believes God guided her to.

A CNA of 50 years reflects on the changes she’s seen and what stayed the same: her passion for helping people.

The authors of a book about unpredictable work schedules discuss their corrosive effects on CNAs and others.

Sharon K. Brothers on how good training reduces turnover among home care workers.

Award-winning CNA Edna Sukeforth explains why direct care is “the hardest job you’ll ever love.”

The National Council of La Raza urges states to comply with the new home care rule without delay.

A nicely done piece on advocates who fight for basic workplace rights for home care workers and other domestic workers.

DCA Board Chair Tracy Dudzinski is quoted in this excellent piece on how to upgrade home care aide jobs.

While a Colorado man with a rifle threatened to kill himself, a heroic home care worker kept the man’s wife safe.

Why it matters that home care workers just got new labor rights.

An English city council votes to pay home care workers a living wage.

A new law funds development of a better way to collect nursing home staffing data. Better data today; better staffing tomorrow!

Victory—with an asterisk. The minimum wage and overtime rule for home care workers WILL become effective on January 1, but with a time-limited non-enforcement policy.

Home care workers who can’t afford their own health care “just, on the face of it, is wrong.”

Retired CNA Nancy Martin on why she loved direct care work.

We must train home care aides better if we want to be able to die in comfort in our own homes.

A right-to-work group’s attempt to undermine a Minnesota home care union is “specious and ideologically driven,” says The New York Times.

Creating dignified care jobs will have a ripple effect socially and economically, as we encourage society to affirm the dignity of people at every stage of life and from every walk of life.”

Oklahoma legislators are being urged to improve nursing home staffing and oversight, but Republicans have blocked a bill and reduced funding that would allow for those reforms.

More delay of the rule granting minimum wage and overtime pay would “prolong the indefensible second-class status of home care workers,” says The New York Times.

Consistent assignment is a big part of the high quality of care in this “culture change” nursing home.

Maine Representative Mark W. Eves on why Maine’s KeepMEHome plan is essential for low-income seniors and their home care workers.

Missouri should raise the minimum wage for home care workers to $11 an hour, says the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Testimony from a home care aide in a story about how apprenticeship programs help workers.

It’s official, thanks to The MacArthur Foundation: Caring Across Generations’ and the National Domestic Workers Alliance’s Ai-jen Poo is a genius!  Ai-jen talks about the work that won her the award.

New Zealand home care workers win pay for travel time and reimbursement for their mileage.

Time as a labor issue: Why “flexible” schedules are a curse, not a blessing.