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The Last Word

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Dear Friends:

When we closed our doors this June, we maintained a virtual office for three months while some of us looked for a new home for our members and supporters. We are now closing those virtual doors as well. As of tomorrow—October 28, 2014—DCA will no longer exist as a legal entity.

That means you won’t be hearing from us any more on this blog or on our social media, but we hope you will join our Board Chair Tracy Dudzinski and other workers who were part of DCA on their new Facebook page, DCA Workers United.

We may have one last piece of good news for you later on. Our executive committee has identified a group that may be able to provide a home for our members, our allies, and some of our programs. So if you get an email in a few weeks that mentions Direct Care Alliance in the subject line, please be sure to read it.

In the meantime, we’ll all keep looking for ways to advocate for better respect, wages, benefits, training, and working conditions for direct care workers, and we know you will too.

The DCA board

Direct Care Workers in the News

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The people that take care of me deserve a living wage,” says home care recipient Kyle Auxier.

How well a home care worker is treated has depended entirely on the employer. Now, that’s finally changing.

Award-winning home health aide Joe Quinn on how home care workers go above and beyond for their clients.

Nearly three-quarters of direct care workers are forced to rush through basic care for the elderly and disabled, survey finds.

Ai-jen Poo on why it is essential that we pay home care workers enough to support their familiesContinue reading »

Home Care Workers Rising

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forest of signs 2The following photos and stories are from the Voices Institute graduates, several of whom were also DCA board members, who represented Direct Care Alliance and their profession at the Home Care Workers Rising summit. The summit was hosted by Caring Across Generations in St. Louis on October 6 and 7.

It Rekindled the Fight in Me

I was fortunate to be invited to the Home Care Workers Rising summit by the Direct Care Alliance board of directors. The summit brought together members of the SEIU, AFSCME, the National Domestic Workers Alliance, Jobs with Justice, Hand in Hand, Caring Across Generations, and Jews for Racial and Economic Justice to spark and rekindle the Home Care Worker fight for a job that is respected, pays a living wage, includes benefits and paid time off. We were home care workers and consumers, all sharing and learning what each other were doing in the fight to improve home care jobs.  Continue reading »

Craig Retires from the Day Activity Center

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David Moreau

David Moreau

Craig played ball for Camden,

starting varsity senior year.

He told me he got good when he learned to slow down

and could see the whole court.


I wish he could have transferred that skill

to the Day Activity Center where he worked

eighteen years with ferocious love,

but was always getting whistled

for reaching in or charging. Continue reading »