For My Friend Jack Who Has Cerebral Palsy and Lives in a Nursing Home

David Moreau

David Moreau

If I were you this is what I’d say

There was a lack of oxygen at my birth.

My mom and dad were good to me growing up.

As a young man I was put in a bad place once,

but now I have a life we share together

at Clover Manor.


I know sometimes

you’re just trying to get through the day

with your own aches and worries

and caring for my body is yet another chore

in this world of many rooms and many workers

we try to make a home.

So thank you for brushing my teeth,

for washing me,

for helping me run loose in the hallway.

Thank you for my books on tape

and my poster of Kim Kardashian

in her underwear.


In return for what you’ve given me,

I’ve shown you how to be

a poet, punk, spirit guide and friend.


Hey, we all give what we can.