Poem for Direct Care Alliance

David Moreau

David Moreau

David read this poem during a conference call hosted by DCA on October 28 to celebrate the final rule that extends Fair Labor Standards Act protections to home care workers.

I have helped you bathe and helped you eat.

I have helped you take your meds and get back on your feet.

I have taken your vital signs and listened to your stories.

I have made it possible for you to stay in your home.

I have seen you confused, aged, injured and ill

And I helped you through your day with dignity.

And if not you — your mother, brother, neighbor or lover.

For all of us need a helping hand some day.


The Fair Labor Standards Act includes us at last.

Thanks to those who worked hard for that!

Now let’s keep working together — so I can have a home,

raise my children and do this work I love.