David Moreau

David Moreau

Stefani got her trach out, which is good news,

but now she no longer needs nursing care

and is going to lose her home placement –

and day program as well.


She’s pretty upset about it.  And I’m upset too.

She’s been good with Toby,

who follows her like a puppy,

but she likes him and can tell him,

“Toby, I need my space now,”

unlike Fay who gets upset and needs

someone to step in between them.

When Stefani came here

they warned us she’s bossy and violent.

But from what I’ve seen

she’s been nothing but a lady.


In newsletter group she admitted once,

“Yes, I’ve hit people before.”

Part of me expected her to claim

“but they deserved it,”

but she just put her head down

adding, “I know I’m not supposed to.”


We had a long conversation about her in Mandt training,

Melanie explaining we’re paid professionals

and not friends.

But if the only people you have in your life

are paid professionals

then you never have a friend.


I’ll give Melanie credit,

she did say, “they can be friends

with each other.”


I wonder who Toby will follow around

when Stefani goes.