How to Make the World a Better Place

David Moreau

David Moreau

Toby stands at the door of the red Dodge van

holding the field trip bag in one hand and five

matchbox cars in the other, including the well-loved

number three black Chevy Dale Earnhardt car.

You wait for him to open the door.


He tugs on the handle a couple of times,

but can’t get a grip with the cars in his hand.

At this point if he were to ask for help

you would help, for asking is a good thing

and the words don’t come easy to him.


Instead, Toby puts the bag on the ground,

puts all five cars into his other hand,

loops his arm through the bag straps

and with his now free hand pulls again.

But the door still won’t open and still you wait.


Toby stands with his head down.

You consider saying try another way,

but language usually gets in his way,

so you just wait a minute, until he starts again,

adjusts his grip, or merely pulls harder

and the door opens.


Toby steps up quickly while you stand behind,

spotting, in case he falls backwards, then

you swing around to the driver’s seat, while

Toby clicks his seat belt and turns on the radio.


BLM is blasting “Fat Bottomed Girls Make

the Rocking World Go Round,” and together you sing,

while headed to the mall, where you’ll get a Pepsi

at McDonald’s – if you make it around the courtyard twice.


And even though it’s unlikely anyone

will say thank you, you know you’ve just helped

someone to learn to open a door for himself –

which makes the world a better place.