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Include Me; Don’t Exclude Me – Please Talk2Me

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This amazing video by Rachael Monk, a direct support consumer who explains what she needs from a direct support worker, comes to us from Maine PASA member Julie Moulton. Julie sent it to us in an email that said:

Every once in a while something so powerful comes along that you want to share it with everyone one you know, this is one of those times, please pardon this unsolicited e-mail and pass it on to people you know.

Ask Di: How do you put on a Statewide Direct Care Worker Conference?

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Di Findley

Di Findley

The DCA recently engaged Iowa CareGivers Association Executive Director Di Findley to develop tools and materials to assist with the development of direct care worker associations. One feature we are previewing today are questions posed to Di from around the country.

Here’s the first one:


Do you have any tips we can use on how to set up a state direct care worker conference? For instance, is there a uniform fashion? Do you pay speakers to present and workers/agencies to participate? Do you do contracts? How is the venue chosen? Any suggestions you might offer will be most appreciated.

Thank you

Di’s Response:

While your question is about how to plan a ‘statewide’ conference…there is nothing magical about going statewide. In fact, you might want to consider doing something much smaller…a county or regional conference. Starting small provides you a testing ground. Our first conference was not statewide.

Having said that…..We begin planning every year in January for a September conference.

We begin planning our conference every year in January for September. Our conference has evolved over the years. Our first year we had less than 40 people attend and each year it has grown. Last year we had 327 attend and 150 attended the two day conference on scholarship.

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DCA Voices Institute Launches Webinar Series

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DCA’s Voices Institute is excited to announce its Web based seminar series schedule for January- June 2008.

The DCA’s Voices Institute is a training and capacity-building initiative which will provide direct care workers, consumers and employers with leadership, advocacy and organizational development skills they need to work effectively with one another to improve long-term direct care.

The Web based seminar series is one part of a multi-level training plan which includes direct, in-person national training, state level in-person training, and mentoring programs for coalition and direct care worker leaders committed to building effective advocacy campaigns.

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