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Presidential Candidates Obama and Edwards learn about direct care work

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SEIU prepared these videos……

Let the Convention begin!

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On August 15, 2007 , the first national convention of direct care worker associations will convene in Iowa for what CNA John Booker calls “a defining moment for direct-care worker associations.”

Direct-care workers and their supporters from around the country will gather in Des Moines for an historic “first ever” convention of state professional caregiver associations. Sponsored by the Direct Care Alliance and hosted by the Iowa CareGivers Association, the event will include over 70 direct-care workers, advocates, providers, and state leaders from throughout the country.

Those leaders will convene to spark a national partnership, building a movement of workers, consumers, employers and policymakers who will lead the way to quality care through quality jobs.

Direct-care worker associations from 18 states will be represented.

“It is vital that we build a strong national coalition to address the critical shortage of high-quality direct-care workers,” says Leonila Vega, Executive Director of the Direct Care Alliance.

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US Supreme Court Says Home Care Workers Not Entitled to Fair Labor Standards Act Protections

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One June 11, 2007 the United States Supreme Court ruled that the Department of Labor’s interpretation that excludes home care workers from protection by the Fair Labor Standards Act is constitutional, thereby reversing a lower court’s decision in favor of  home care aide Evelyn Coke, in the case of Long Island Care at Home & Osborne vs. Evelyn Coke. The Supreme Court’s ruling ensures that thousands of direct care workers in the fastest growing sector of long-term care will continue to receive low wages and few benefits.

The ruling heightens the urgency of the nation’s long-term crisis of high overturn rates in the industry with thousands of workers in the fastest growing industry receiving low wages and few benefits with an ever expanding demand for their services by elders and people with disabilities.

This case illustrates the need for united voices and broad coalitions that come together to advocate for direct care workers to be treated with dignity and respect. Let’s gather our voices together and show our leadership on this issue, uniting our constituencies to improve our long-term care system.

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Montanta passes Health Care for Health Care Worker Legislation

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If everything works out the way it should, direct care workers in Montana will soon be granted health insurance.

A pilot program called Healthcare for Montanans Who Provide Healthcare is scheduled to take effect in 2009. It is expected to use about $2.6 million in state Medicaid money to raise reimbursement rates for direct-care providers who agree to use the money on health insurance for their employees.

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